Corpus Vulgaris

photo document from the performance by corpus vulgaris

Corpus Vulgaris | Body as a medium

The theme of this project was human body – how we perceive it and our relationship to it. The project incorporated the experiences of people who live with health or social handicaps as well as people whose relationship to the body is influenced by their profession or age. These people were also the co-creators and stars of the performance.

The body was examined from different angles – as the medium of our experience and use of taste, touch and other senses, and as something that occasionally hinders us, fails to work or causes us pain. It is also a source of absurd and surreal fantasies, which take place inside our bodies every moment.

Authors: K. Jungová, M. Musilová and Company

Photographs were shot at the theatre Alfred ve dvoře in Prague, Czech Republic.
17th March 2012

all images © lucia eggenhoffer

All Images © LUCIA EGGENHOFFER - Documentary | Street | Travel Photography