October 2017

Postcards from the Resistance


I’m happy I was invited to be one a part of the project Postcards from the Resistance. It is created by collective of artists who are shocked by the current political climate and channel their reactions into Art. Each artist has interpreted these times into images that are available as postcards. You can find my photo in Set II, which is dedicated to American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

You can support non-profit causes and buy this limited edition set of 20 postcards for $35 at


April 2017

Workshop with Ernesto Bazan
Ernesto Bazan at LFI in Hamburg

Ernesto Bazan at LFI in Hamburg

I attended Leica workshop Magic of Photo Books with famous photographer Ernesto Bazan in LFI Photographie in Hamburg from 28th to 30th April 2017. He is an interesting and honest personality I learned so much from. Ernesto is the right one to teach about photo books, he has not only been teaching photographers how to edit their photo books for past 16 years, he has also founded his own publishing house BazanPhotos Publishing.

Ernesto himself never had a project in mind. He just keeps on shooting. Pictures let him know when they are ready to become a book, as he said. Below you can find some of the things I learned at the Leica workshop.

What makes a good photo book according to Ernesto Bazan

  • Each picture has to stand for itself
  • Every picture in the book has to have its meaning
  • Be honest with yourself
  • One bad photo can destroy look of your book
  • Crop in the same ratio
  • Don’t forget about sensitivity and feelings
  • Search for the punctum
  • Take pictures when your heart is beating
  • Book should be personal and subjective
  • Always ask yourself What do you want to achieve?
  • Be patient – process of creating a book can take two years
  • Justify the frame
  • At the end all it matters is your intuition
  • Composing a book is like a composing a symphony

Here are some photographs from the workshop:

Discussing editing of photographs in a book ernesto-bazan-hamburg-5 ernesto-bazan-hamburg-4 Ernesto Bazan ernesto-bazan-hamburg-2 ernesto-bazan-hamburg-1

April 2017

I was contacted by an art director of Modus magazine Christie Ferdinando in London who offered me a portrait shoot of Erwin Hanslik, Central & Eastern Europe Head of Real Estate & Energy, for the May issue. Job had to be done very fast and I was asked to send photographs from several different locations. I also had very limited time with Mr. Hanslik, who had to find some free gap in his busy day. I did some shots and finally got lucky to catch the golden hour. We were standing on the street in the Old Town, when I saw beautiful soft late sun light falling on Mr. Hanslik’s face. It was the perfect moment. I enjoyed this shooting very much, Mr. Hanslik is a very nice man, who always wears a smile on his face and loves to run. 

Here you can see the photo finally chosen by the magazine:



February 2017

I’m happy to announce that my photo Human Ocean was published in National Geographic YourShot in the story Empathy Gap by Daniella Zalcman:) The photo was chosen among 10 000+ images from all around the world and combined with photo by American photographer Mark Bennington. The goal of this assignment was to bridge our world’s growing empathy gap through photos. Images responded to the five prompts: borders, patriotism, faith, love, and family.

Check out the full story.

Editor’s note:
„Sometimes patriotism is expressed as a group activity, and sometimes it can be quiet and more internalized. I love these two images together — they’re foils in almost every single way — black and white versus color, candid versus staged, Europe versus America, crowd versus individual. And yet they come together to create a lovely collage of what patriotism can mean in two different communities.“

Combined photograph:

Photograph on the homepage:

Editors note:

And this is the original:

January 2017

My photograph Black Dog II. is published on the double-page in the fresh new Leica Fotografie International magazine 1/2017. 
You can order the magazine here.


December 2016

Hello, I’m back from Grenada, known as the „Island of Spice“, which is located in the south-eastern Caribbean Sea, northwest of Trinidad and Tobago, northeast of Venezuela, and southwest of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. To see how this beautiful counutry and its people look like, check out pictures in the gallery.


November 2016

My photo Urban Geometry was chosen for Leica Master Shots🙂


September 2016

I was shooting a dog for a new Royal Dog Cider advertising print and this is the result:)

Advertising Agency: Comtech


August 2016

I’m happy to present you three photographs that became a part of Kodak Moment Story. When I was asked by Kodak to join their project, I decided to dedicate all three photographs to my most beloved animal friend called Fahéj (means cinnamon), who died this year at the end of January. She left suddenly and unexpectedly. She gave me so much, that I can’t even express it by words. She walked the streets together with me. In my heart, she stays forever.

„Me and my best animal friend were crossing the road together when I noticed a lost tulip. Shot on Kodak Portra 160.“


After swimming
„For ten years, she didn’t like water, but this day she enjoyed swimming. Shot on Kodak Portra 160.“


Originaly this photo was called Heaven can wait, but unfortunately Heaven didn’t wait, so I called it
„I went for a trip with my dog and we met a view tower. When I started to climb the stairs, she sat down as if she was saying, ‚I can’t go further, but I’ll wait for you.‘ I made this picture to remember the precious little moment. Shot on Kodak Portra 400.“


January 2016

I’ve got news for you!:) My photograph was used by Sydney Festival and Sydney Opera House. It is a photo from a performance All The Sex I Ever Had made by Mammalian Diving Reflex – Toronto-based research-art atelier dedicated to investigating the social sphere.

(Check out photographs from the All Sex I’ve Ever Had performance)



The same photo with the title ideal entertainment for the end of the world is used as a main photo for the homepage of Mammalian Diving Reflex.


August 2015

My photographs from Indonesia shot on KODAK film became a part of KODAK Moments project.


June – July 2015

I came back from Indonesia – Java and Lombok Island.
Check out the galleries : Java, Lombok Island




May 2015

I shot a cover of a book full of stories about dogs called „Život pod psa“. You can also find a short story written by me in the book:)


December 2014

I documented shooting of TV series about dogs called Život je pes for Czech Television.

ceska-televize-zivot-je-pes-lucia-eggenhoffer-2 ceska-televize-zivot-je-pes-lucia-eggenhoffer-4 ceska-televize-zivot-je-pes-lucia-eggenhoffer-3 ceska-televize-zivot-je-pes-lucia-eggenhoffer-5 ceska-televize-zivot-je-pes-lucia-eggenhoffer-6 ceska-televize-zivot-je-pes-lucia-eggenhoffer

28. October 2014

I’m happy to announce that today is a premiere of the documentary movie called 1989: From the diary of Ivana K. at Lucerna Cinema in Prague, in which my photographs are used. I also shot a cover of the DVD. This movie reflects the last year of Communistic Czechoslovakia trhough the eyes of a teenage girl. Movie uses a mixture of real diary notes and archival materials.

Director: Karel Strachota (Člověk v tísni – Jeden svět na školách)

Watch the movie



October 2014

Fresh new issue of Inspired Eye Magazine is out and you can find an interview with me there:)
Get your copy of the magazine.


August 2014

It’s a pleasure for me to present you my new video Street Fine Art Photography // Prague. Enjoy!

1st August 2014

Today I received an email that says:

“We are very happy to let you know that your photo Roecalfs Dream – Getting Ready has been published in yearbook Mono. The interest to be included in the book has been bigger than ever this year and therefore it has been very hard to get selected. Being published in Mono is a great achievement and considered the highest honor on 1x.
The book is printed with top quality stochastic printing and special paper to enhance the blacks. It is printed in a very small limited edition of only 999 copies, all numbered and signed to make each book a collector’s item. We consider Mono to be our most artistic book so far.”

I really feel honored!:) You can see and order this limited edition book here:


July 2014

I was shooting for One World in Schools (a People in Need program) for a movie called 1989 – from a diary of Ivana A. I was asked to shoot a New Year’s Party as if it happened in year 1989 and also photo on the cover, and I really enjoyed it. I can’t wait to see the movie:)


© lucia eggenhoffer

June 2014

My photo Smoking Man made it to the X Master Shots Gallery at Leica Fotografie International. This gallery is the cream of the crop on the LFIGallery.


April 2014

My photo of Lída Antošová (in All the Sex I’ve Ever Had by Toronto-based company Mammalian Diving Reflex) on the cover page of American Theatre Magazine.


April 2014

My photo of an artist and designer Helena Leisztner Kroft for ONE Magazine, April 2014 issue.


December 2013 – February 2014

I came back to Prague from Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand and I had a fantastic time meeting interesting people and places:)
Check out the galleries : Vietnam, Cambodia.



December 2013

My photo Puppeteers at Work is successful this year. After being awarded by Director’s Honorable Mention at the International Competition Black and White 2013 in USA, it was awarded by Juror Award of Merit atInternational Fine Art Competition Grand Prix De la Découverte 2013 in Paris. And this is actually my 3rd award in this competition. Happy!:)


December 2013

My photo of famous tenor singer Pavel Černoch is on the cover and inside of Harmonie magazine.


October 2013

Opera Singer Martin Vodrážka shooting



June 2013

This is how my photo Puppeteers at Work looks like hanging on the wall inThe Centre of Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, CO, USA.


June 2013

My photo Fahej became finalist in the International Black and White Competition TZIPAC Zebra Awards 2012 in Animals/ Pets / Wildlife category. Another photo Corpus Vulgaris became a finalist in Photojournalism/ Documentary category.

March 2013

My photo called Puppeteers at Work was awarded by Director’s Honorable Mention at the International competition Black and White 2013 and will be exhibited in The Centre of Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, CO, USA. Exhibition dates are: 5th July – 24th August 2013. You are all welcome!


March 2013

I can’t express by words how honored I am. Last night, at the prestigious ceremony in the city of Cheltenham, UK, I was awarded in the international competition Professional Photographer of the Year 2012” by the 3rd place in the 50mm category. The winning photograph named Getting Ready was chosen from over 4000 images from over 37 countries of the world. You can find winning images here .

December 2012

My photo called Happy was awarded at the Worldwide Photography Gala Awards 2012 by Honorable Mention in Street / Documentary category and other two photographs Corpus Vulgaris and Getting Ready were awarded by Honorable Mention in Fine Art category.

November 2012

I’m happy to announce that I became a 2x Finalist of The International Fine Art Photography Competition Grand Prix de Découverte 2012, sponsored by The de Groot Foundation, in the Street Photography / Documentary category. I’m really honored, because the winning images Legs Are All You Need and Roecalf’s Dream – Getting Ready were selected from more than 4000 entries representing 72 countries.

Works were exhibited at the NoFound Photo Fair in Paris (which was a part of Paris Photo Festival and attended by more than 8000 people) and became a part of prestigious collection of the Bibliotheque Nationale de France. They were also published in International Fine Art Photo Book.

decouverte-diplom-lucia-eggenhofferlucia eggenhoffer decouverte-book

My work featured in aCurator Magazine


November 2012

I shot opera singers of National Theater Miguaelagelo Cavalcanti and Naoma Erba for organisation Art for Life.


All Images © LUCIA EGGENHOFFER - Documentary | Street | Travel Photography