hello, i’m a photographer, writer and illustrator who’s looking for everyday magic



Observation and discovery –  these are two most important keywords of my art.

I’ve always loved to observe world around me. I can spend hours looking at the scenes of everyday. It’s like watching a magical spontaneous performance of life in a theatre of the world. It’s free, it’s everywhere, it’s open non-stop, it’s for everybody and if you concentrate you discover it’s big little stories that are happening RIGHT NOW. It is not past nor future, it’s the precious constantly dying present moment that I’m mostly interested in.

I feel magically drawn into beauty of things that are usually unnoticed. These things are silent and shy; at the first look they even might look banal. But then, when I start to see connections, different angles, shapes, textures, inspiring presence and absence of light or vivid element suddenly entering the scene, my heart starts sweating from beating that fast.

That’s why I feel naturally mostly attracted to street and documentary photography. It’s not just the excitement from visual discoveries, it’s also challenge that I love. In order to capture candid life as it happened, there is nothing under control. I can’t move clouds, stop rain or sun from shining too sharp. I can’t stop people or animals on the street. I can’t stop artists during their performance. I have to adopt and sometimes become nearly invisible to capture the true soul of the moment.

And when I succeeded? Every time I’m able to share my joy from visual discoveries and unexpected beauty of life.


Some facts about me:

I was born in Slovak Republic (it was Czechoslovak Socialist Republic at that time) and have lived in Prague, Czech Republic since 2002. I’m street, documentary and travel photographer (sometimes I shoot also portraits and advertising, especially when it is about dogs), and when I’m not taking photos, I’m freelance writer (poetry and prose), conceptual copywriter, creative director (here you can find my creative advertising portfolio), illustrator (check out my illustrations and drawings)  and transcreator (creative translations from English to Czech/Slovak). I simply enjoy everything that is connected with creativity:)

I wrote two books of poetry (1st one was awarded by Debut of Year award), was a co-author of several book collections, was awared in many international photo competitions for street and documentary photography (e.g. 3rd place in the worldwide contest Professional Photographer of the Year 2012), was published in Leica Fotografie International magazine, in National Geographic YourShot Story „Empathy Gap“, in limited edition book MONO by 1x, had a cover page of American Theatre magazine, and two of my photographs (Legs are all you need and Roecalf’s Dream) became a part of  Bibliothèque Nationale de France collection, where you can find also works of Henri Cartier-Bresson. I also recieved awards (Young Lions Cannes or Golden Award for Outstanding creativity at The Mobius Awards in Los Angels, US) for advertising creativity esp. in TV spots category. 

Eager to know more? Check out my interview in The Inspired Eye Magazine.

All Images © LUCIA EGGENHOFFER - Documentary | Street | Travel Photography