Roecalf’s Dream

fragments from the fashionless shows of hobbistic group of models

Female Guns – peculiar fashion show 

„It’s the end of mainstream fashion! Forget the myth about female beauty! Houseworks are the real female guns!“

Roecalf’s Dream ( Kolouchův sen) is an independent association of Czech female artists. Michaela Huffsteter a Hana Poislová are the core of this artistic group.  They are exploring unconventional possibilities of dress and accessories creation. After they finish their clothing, they present it by theatrical performance. Their freely directed performances connect scenic visual spectacles with natural and spontaneous acting of models. And thanks to site-specific concept, their shows are never the same; they are adjusted to the unique atmosphere of different unusual spaces.

„They are able to turn accustomed aesthetics upside down and extract from it the satirical view on society. Their fashionless shows are hidden critique of society but in the same time they are enchantment from female matter, female mythology, clothing fetish.“ Nina Vangeli, Magazine Tanecni zona

I was lucky to capture unusual, eccentric, cabaret-like show of Roecalf’s Dream art group in Alfred ve dvore theatre, at the boat of Forman brothers called Secret on Vltava river and at the GASK Gallery. Let me take you on the photo journey to their shows and also where everybody likes it the most, to the backstage, where the magic you see on the stage, is getting ready.

The Forman brothers‘ boat Tajemství (Secret) on Vltava river | Prague
GASK Gallery | Kutná Hora
Theatre Alfréd ve dvoře | Prague

All Images © LUCIA EGGENHOFFER - Documentary | Street | Travel Photography