Dogs around the world

photographs of dogs i met on my wanderings around the globe

Dogs around the world

These are photographs of dogs I met on my travels around the world and also in Prague – the city I live in.

I love dogs and animals generally. My father was a veterinary doctor and we lived in the house that was inside of a veterinary hospital area. So I spent my all chilhood with animals. I saw them being born, being happy, discovering the world and I also saw them being hurt or die.

This collection of photographs is dedicated to my most beloved dog friend called Fahéj (cinammonn), which unfortunally died this year at the end of January. She was a part of my street photography project and always walked streets with me. You can find her in my images, where she stays alive forever.

all images © lucia eggenhoffer

All Images © LUCIA EGGENHOFFER - Documentary | Street | Travel Photography